About Roots Grocer


Here at Roots Grocer, the ethics and values are ingrained to the heart of our business. We passionately believe in the importance of wholesome natural food that has been grown or made with appreciation for nature. 

Shopping with a Grocer that champions local producers, organic real foods & believes in family farms not factory farms. By supporting Roots Grocer you’ll be dealing with two Cumbrians that love the Lake District & cares for you. By shopping locally your money goes back into the community which benefits all of us Cumbrians.

Our Mission

Our mission at Roots Grocer is to bring to Cumbria, a much-needed alternate to the mass production of a supermarket. We shall support local businesses & farms, keeping the essence of Cumbria in everything we do. You’ll be supporting a Grocer that cares for your health, the community & its people. We promise to supply you with traceable, organic certified & local produce. 

Family Farms Not Factory Farms.


We believe working with local Cumbrian regenerative & organic farms is the most sustainable and healthy way to produce real food. All our meat & diary is sourced within Cumbria. Sourcing with local farms that match our ethos & having economic value to the community. This in turn will give you the highest quality traceable food.

Why Organic

Simply, why wouldn’t it be organic? We live in a world today that food grown from nature has to create its own word to separate itself from the mass produced, chemically spray & environment damaging ‘foods’. 

Over the years were led to believe that cheap means better. Supermarkets have market to us pleasant sounding terms like ‘free-range’ to give the impression this is good. Which in fact is a lily-livered term with many forms of farming, all unregulated to ensure consistency.


Choosing organic doesn’t give the idea of a false promise. You’re supporting the promise that’s regulated & inspected consistently. Organic farmers are deep rooted to their original ways of farming, with passionate and understanding of the soil and the animals. With Animal welfare being the top priority, livestock is raised naturally, with open grounds to roam, medicines only used when needed & fed a natural diet free from chemicals & hormones.  Crops are farmed in the same way; all organic farms use natural pesticides with no GM ingredients which also protects with wildlife & respects the soil. 


Our promise from Roots Grocer with our organic products:


  • Highest Animal Welfare Standards

  • Healthier Soils, that store more carbon

  • No artificial Fertilisers or pesticides  

  • No synthetic additives used as ingredients

  • No GM ingredients

  • Better for nature & wildlife

  • Better for the planet

  • Better for People

Our Products


Everything stocked by us has been carefully selected to match our ethics & values. We’re passionate about sourcing wholesome, natural food that has been produced in small batches & in harmony with nature. 

When it’s not possible to source locally we still stay with the same beliefs, & only work with farms & companies within the UK. Our products range from, organic certified, local, small batches & awarding winning.


Regenerative Farming

At Roots Grocer we support Regenerative farming. This aspect of farming, like organic refuses the idea of using pesticides, artificial fertilizers and chemicals. This philosophy focuses on improving water systems, nutrient density, topsoil & increasing biodiversity.

A fundamental foundation of regenerative farming is growing food slowly. Slow food growing restores the belief to eating in season & working hand in hand with the ecosystems. 

Food Waste

Living in the most beautiful part of the UK makes you more appreciative of the countryside. At Roots Grocer we to preserving that beauty by limiting food waste.


All our food waste if uneatable is given to one of our regenerative farms.

Any food "waste" which is still in a suitable condition to be eaten is given to a local food bank. 

All other aspects of waste are taken to be recycled as we want to avoid any waste being taken to landfill.