Cumbrian Regenerative & Organic Pork

Roots Grocer has sourced Cumbrian regenerative & organic certified farmed pork, ready to be added to your box & delivered to you across Cumbria.


Sourced from Renisons Farm, a regenerative farm here in Cumbrian, & Askerton Estate Castle, an organic certified farm located in Cumbria. The Tamworth & Gloucester old spot pigs are reared closer to the farmstead where they enjoy a relaxed & stress-free existence.


With access to pastures free from pesticides & herbicides all year round with plenty of space to live naturally. Animal welfare is at the heart of Roots Grocer, that’s why we’ve sourced our pork from Renisons & Askerton Estate Castle, their pigs are grown slowly outdoors, feed on a soy free diet.


Don’t settle for less, know where your food comes from & shop with Roots Grocer.